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Mr Buttar has enjoyed a distinguished career spanning more than 40 years. Upon completion of his LL.M. from London University , Mr Buttar went into practice overseas. Admitted as an Advocate to the Supreme Court of Pakistan, he enjoyed 10 years of practice working with a variety of cases in many areas of litigation.

Mr Buttar was admitted to the NSW Supreme Court in 1984 as a Barrister, and opted to be re-admitted in 1989 as a Solicitor in the NSW Supreme Court. During his career he has also enjoyed teaching and has held both full time and part time positions with the University of Technology, Sydney, James Cook University, North Qld, LUMS and Law College Lahore. Mr Buttar has also served as a Specialist Reserve Officer with RAAF.

Mr Buttar enjoys golf and has been a member of Carnarvon Golf Club for over 20 years. He has over the years been a member of the NSW Solicitors Golfing Association.

He records interviews at the SBS Urdu services on current legal issues. He is also a regular contributor of law to various local Urdu/English newspapers. He spends his spare time researching local and overseas case law relating to issues particularly affecting the people of sub continent background living overseas and in Australia.

selected publications

  • “Contextual Syntax of International Instruments Safeguarding Against Nuclear Proliferation” (1988) 11 Australian Yearbook of International Law 141 – 156
  • Transboundary Employment: The Australian Perspective” 1993 Taxation in Australia pp 460-462
  • Self Assessment: The Era of Anticipatory Tax Planning” (1990) 28:11 Law Society Journal (NSW) pp 22-25.
  • Commentary on sections 23(e) – (j) of the Income Tax Assessment Act in Australian Income Tax Law and Practice, Butterworths 1989 – 1990 [1244 -1272.13 pp 61].
  • “Donations to Public Art Galleries” (1990) 28:10 Law Society Journal (NSW) 22-24.
  • “Accruals System of Taxing Foreign Source Income” (1990) 8 APTIB 44-48.
  • “Does s 262A now extend to more than mere records?” (1990) Butterworths Weekly Tax Bulletin 430.
  • “Useful Information for visitors and Prospective Immigrants” (1990) 8 APTIB 432 -436.
  • “Reforming the Taxation of “Domestic” and Non-Resident Companies in Pakistan” (1989) 1 The CCH Journal of Asian Pacific Taxation 52-60.
  • “Recent changes in the Law of Employer Sponsored Small Australian Superannuation Funds” (1989) 7 APTIB 278 -287.
  • “Recent Developments in Australian Taxation – 1 January to 1 June 1989” (1989) 7 APTIB 331 -335.
  • “Tax Measures Concerning Foreign Investors and the Australian treatment of Interest Accruals” (1989) 7 APTIB 244 -246.
  • “Fiscal and Accounting Treatment of Foreign Exchange in Australia” (1988) 6 APTIB 486-502 (with W. Cook and K. Ness).
  • “Regulation of the Corporate Sector in Pakistan” (1988) 6 APTIB 189-192
  • “Uranium: Australian Law and Policy” Occasional Paper, James Cook University, 1988 pp 188.
  • “Taxation and the Third Sector” (1987) 16 Australian Tax Review 226 -242.
  • “Sheltering Tax Australian Style” (1987) 5 APTIB 402-406
  • “Imputing “Frankness” to Australian Corporate Finance” (1987) 5 APTIB 418-427 (with S Alison).
  • “Tax Treatment of Partnerships and Trusts in Australia” (1986) APTIB 225 -236.
  • “Taxation of ‘Deemed’ and Doomed Australian Companies” (1986) 4 APTIB 328-334.
  • “The Nuclear Fuel Cycle and the ASTEC Report” (1986) 3 Australian Environmental and Planning Law Journal 3-21.
  • “International Implications of the Australian Nuclear Fuel Cycle” In Dr Norbert Pelzer (ed) International Harmonization in the Field of Nuclear Energy Law, Proceedings of Nuclear Inter Jura 185, a biennial conference of the International Nuclear Law Association, Nomos Verlagsgesellschft, Baden-Baden West Germany, 459-483.
  • Forensic Medicine and Toxicology Part III, 369-446, 19th Edition 1986 (with Dr S Hussain).

reported cases

  • PLD 1979 Lahore 462 (Criminal Law)
  • NLR 1978 Civil 820 (Supreme Court) (“Evacuee” Law)
  • PLJ 1976 Lahore 52
  • PLD 1975 Lahore 17 (Land Reform)
  • PLJ 1975 Tribunal Cases 113 (Property Law)
  • PLJ 1975 Lahore 193
  • 1975 Pakistan Criminal Law Journal 732 (Criminal Law)
  • PLD 1975 B.J. 29 (Arbitration)
  • PLJ 1973 Lahore 228 (Property Law)
  • 1973 Law Notes 350 (Property Law)

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