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Whether you are facing workplace discrimination or wrongful termination, we handle your case with discretion, diplomacy, and determination to safeguard your rights and protect your reputation. Our specialised services encompass various areas of employment law, including:

Employment Law

Employment law is a legal domain designed to safeguard employees from mistreatment within the workplace. It addresses issues that may arise such as discrimination, unfair treatment, health and safety, workplace injuries, and accidents.


At Buttar, Caldwell & Co. Solicitors, our team consists of solicitors and support staff who possess an in-depth knowledge of employment law matters. We actively listen to your unique circumstances and utilise our legal expertise to achieve the outcome that best serves your interests, whether that involves reinstatement or securing compensation.

Areas of Expertise at Buttar, Caldwell & Co. Solicitors

Employment law encompasses a broad spectrum, leading law firms to specialise in specific areas and pool their knowledge for favourable resolutions. At Buttar, Caldwell & Co. Solicitors, we have a team equipped to handle various work-related matters, including unfair dismissal, unpaid wages, and discrimination claims.

We are able to assist both employers and employees with all your employment law needs.

unfair dismissal

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